Our provided services
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Our provided services

Skogsrav's main business is the provision of the services listed below, but Skogsrav also provides other services and if you do not find what you need in the range of services listed below, feel free to contact us and we will most likely be able to help you.

Legal services:

  • Consultations 
  • Preparation of documents for submission to the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (re-registration of share capital in EUR, change of participants, change of board, change of legal address, change of company name, establishment, liquidation and other activities)
  • Preparation of contracts of any kind
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining permits and licenses
  • Representation in state and law enforcement institutions

Out - of - court debt collection (License No. PA-2019-012):

  • Debtor identification, (LR population register and LR commercial register)
  • Automatic reminder letter system
  • Communication with the debtor (letters, phone, e-mail)
  • Agreements and payment schedules
  • Monitoring of payments made
  • Free consultations before starting the process
  • Regular reports on the results of work done
  • Stamp service

Detective activity and recovery of movable property (License No.4 / 2018):

  • Search and retrieval of movable property
  • Collection of information in civil and criminal matters
  • Searching for persons who have committed crime or disappeared
  • Finding out facts, cases or persons involved in a criminal activity
  • Consultations for individuals and legal entities on security issues
  • Investigation of the facts of unfair competition, illegal commercial activity or other illegal economic activity
  • Collection of personal data prior to the conclusion of an employment contract or other civil law contract, and information on a person's solvency
  • Collection of information related to the fulfillment of the obligations of the insurance contract and indemnification of material losses
  • Execution of other services not mentioned here, if they are not in conflict with the law and serve to protect the rights and legitimate interests of persons

Client monitoring:

Skogsrav monitoring includes monitoring of your customer database, which provides you with the opportunity to follow important events that are important for you to be able to react in a timely manner and reduce the risks of your business, as well as the opportunity to lose funds.

  • Monitoring of insolvency register events
  • Monitoring of advertisements in the Latvian official Journal
  • Real estate auction monitoring
  • Monitoring of the database of deceased people